Do we need plastic in our steel?

Plastic campaign – as a part of our sustainability journey

One of our internal action in the journey to build a stronger sustainability culture in our organization is to run a plastic campaign on each site in the Nordic countries.

Plastic pollution is devastating our oceans and killing innocent wildlife. Unless we act, by 2050 there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish (by weight)*1.

In the past 100 years, humans have produced a lot of plastic. The benefits of plastic are that it’s cheap and strong, light and extraordinarily versatile. So it’s not surprising we’re using mountains of the stuff. But the waste is going to stick around for ages – with horrible effects on wildlife and the environment *2.

The focus on plastic have help us to make better solutions regarding plastic use in our daily life. However, we as a company would like to highlight the possibility for better solutions and help our employees to make good decision during their work hours.


We run the campaign because we would like put focus on this three areas:

  • minimize our plastic use – increase the use of smart plastic solutions
  • increase the focus to recycle plastic
  • culture change – “we need to walk the talk”

During the campaign our employees have the task to answers these two questions:

  • Do you really need every plastic material you have around you during a workday?
  • Can the plastic you use or have around you during a workday be recycled or substituted with another solution?

The answers to easy question will be collected, and a action plan will be set up for each Nordic country.

We embrace sustainability!

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