Environmental Product Declaration

What is EPD and why are we using EPD?

The technology we use – our mill– is based on electric ovens. This is the most environmentally friendly mill in the global steel industry, by emitting only half of the CO2 into the atmosphere, compared to other integrated steel mills intended for similar production.

An Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) is an independently verified and certified document that provides transparent and comparable information about product environmental impact in a lifecycle perspective.

In 2012, Celsa Nordic developed the Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) for the reinforcing steel produced in Mo i Rana. All CSS companies have their own EPD and can present the impact we have in the environment.

This shows that we as a company invest in technology and technologic solutions to find resources that have a positive environmental impact on our products.

The environmental declaration is made by an independent third party. Celsa Nordic is similar to a major recycling industry where metal scrap from cars, armor and ships is melted down and turns into new, first-class and environmentally-declaredreinforcement steels.

We´re getting all green about the future

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